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     Almost 1000 acres of solar panels proposed for the area leads to a future hazardous toxic waste dump in calverton, not to mention will destroy a huge animal habitat and natural ecosystem that has taken root over hundreds of years. It is a recreational park that 100's of thousands of people have enjoyed for decades including the prior calverton links Golf course, it is not a brownfield where these low yield, unreliable, and not recyclable, panels that contain forever chemicals were supposed to go only. This particular project will kill hundreds of year round jobs for our young kids, will have a major impact on the local businesses that have flourished from the activities of the park and people that frequent this sports park. This piece of land should have never received permission to go solar by the town board. It will eventually be a community detriment to its residents because property values will go down, the beautiful landscape will be destroyed, the wildlife will be impacted forever, 40 plus foot masts will be seen for miles, a substation will be seen clearly, and a great recreational facility which is home to paint ballers from all over the country, disc golfers, mini golfers, countless obstacle runs, trail walkers, family fun events all year round, all at  very affordable pricing, all this not to mentioned a beautiful catering hall that has hosted countless community meetings and private parties will be sacrificed, and for what? A taxpayer funded payoff? Our electric rates will not go down a dime, if anything they will increase, california rates have increased 6x due to their green new deal. Imagine the blackout that may happen due to a future storm, a simple hack into the grid could turn our power off for days if not weeks, can long islanders go without power during the winter months, how about our hospitals and senior care facilities? 

Can they afford to take a chance on unreliable energy, just look at texas for an example, we live in the northeast, much colder, shorter daylight hours, and more susceptible to storms both during the summer and winter months. Solar panels on the east end of long island should never happen. We do not have that many sunny days and not enough hours during the day for this solar concept to be even contemplated. Approx 500 hours a year can be used to collect solar energy, that is equivalent to about 20 days out of 365 days. What a waste of land and jobs for so little energy collection, not to mention in 5 years new technology to create more efficient, less expensive for the taxpayers, with a much less environmental impact whereby we won't have to sacrifice such valuable land for periods of 30 plus years minimum.

This has been a rushed process without any reasonable public discourse and hearings all done using covid as a way to minimize any potential opposing views by the community, if you think a zoom meeting with no more than 10 people at these virtual meetings that took place at 2pm during the week with in many cases only one day notice, while most people were preoccupied with their daily responsibilities, was in any way fair to the community and local residents to weigh in, then you are delusional and bypassing your responsibility to fully inform your constituents as to the potential hazards vs benefits which have not been fully disclosed yet.
Has due diligence been done and if not, why not? Negligence will not be tolerated by the public if these poor decisions lead to a community crisis, why not wait til hearings can be done normally at normal times? The vaccines are here and normal or regular order will return shortly, they are pushing this green new disaster on the east end of long island as fast as possible so people don't have time to stop it. Where is the common sense?

The east end of long island should not be the Guinea pig in this crazy age of left wing utopian ideas of destroying our energy grid with inefficient solar and wind concepts. We don't get a do-over, once they complete the infrasture, we are stuck with this junk on our precious lands for the next 30-50 years with no plan to remove these useless panels. Who is benefitting from this other than the politicians of both parties that might be receiving political payoffs that fund their campaigns? Are there any conflicts of interests of those involved in making these decisions and are any of their family members benefitting from the destruction of a catering hall and event park, the only jobs that are created by installing this solar junk are only at best 2 years of electrician union jobs, after that, there are no more jobs to be done other that a 2 - 4 man maintenance crew for the next 20 years. How will that impact the local delis, pizzerias restaurants, hotels, gas stations, event planners and organizers, local supply stores, and many more that have benefitted from the frequent visitors and the hundreds of year round staff workers who would be able to work there for more that 2 years?

All questions that have not been satisfied with any kind of relevant answers that would justify this surrendering of prime calverton properties to the globalists. We are paying for this with our tax dollars, in reality our tax dollars will fund another solar farm located in an other part of the country and they will fund our solar farm, see the game yet, we are paying for this, and when they give us money, they are giving us our own money back, it allows them to make money off of the money we give them, the unit holders make money off our money when they purchase blocks of energy at discounted rates and then sell it at a higher rate somewhere else. That is a generalization of the concept, a more specific diagnoses of how money is generated from your money, would make your head spin. People are protesting against commercial solar all over the country, the media refuses to cover it, but it does exist, why not wait a few more years and jump on the next great energy ideas that don't waste our useful lands.

They are coming quickly, why be host to dinosaur technology for 30 plus years, when long island can lead the country in the newest and most innovative, more efficient, less obtrusive, one that can provide much more employment well into the future, and more environmentally friendly with less of a future hazardous toxic waste removal project and problem? Our representatives should do their due diligence and not be rushed into a bad deal for their constituents and community by very aggressive salespeople from the solar companies and the progressive political lobbyists that are pushing the green new deal into new Yorkers which will result in higher taxes, higher energy costs, and a bankrupted state even after they receive their federal bailout for their past bankrupt and idiotic policies that have destroyed ny for decades. California is not the ideal state to follow, try following Florida policies or  we potentially will see a texas style energy grid disaster. The only so called experts represented the solar companies, there was no opposition experts to push back, why, because expert certification is awarded only to those who support the green new deal. Those who are opposed will never get certified as an expert and their research will never get funded. See how it works? One-sided experts.  It is up to the people to make common sense decisions, if you need more time to weigh the pros and cons, let your representatives know, they are not our leaders, they are our representatives and only hold their positions with our consent. If you feel they are leading you off a cliff, you don't have to follow. 

Remember, you don't get a do-over, this is a decision to surrender approx 1000 acres of prime and productive calverton lands for the next 30 plus years and the future job losses, local businesses lost and economic impact from increased taxes and energy rates will be noticed far into the future. Look at gas prices already it will be double that soon because of this green new disaster that your representatives are promoting by allowing this to happen on long island and the east end. My comment is to Say No to this project and No to any commercial solar farms on long island. Many other solutions are coming, no reason to let china control our power grid. They make the parts and the software needed to operate these components, anyone with common sense and a deep concern for our citizens protection knows not to allow our number one adversary to have total control of our energy and power resources. Our representatives swear an oath to protect us from our foreign enemies, why would they surrender our energy grid to foreign companies owned by their governments? Most if not all the jobs involved in the manufacturing of solar panels are in china, not in the us. Think about that. This project is a nudge, the full submission is coming soon after. These politicians will be out of office in 2022 and 2024 but you will be stuck with the mess they leave behind for almost a half century.

We are not desperate for green power on the east end, therefore we should wait for a better deal and better technology. Save our land, save our water, save our migratory birds and insects, save our wildlife, save our recreational parks, save our jobs, save our open spaces, save our small businesses, and keep our lands, useful, fertile, and uncontaminated. Keeping taxes low, energy rates low, higher property values with great looking landscapes, sunsets, and views, That is my green new deal, hopefully it is yours as well. Why settle for dinosaur Chinese technology when we could be creating and manufacturing the newest technologies here on long island which would not only stimulate our economy but it would create career jobs much like grumman did. Magnetic, hydrogen, cold fusion, and lots of new power technology is coming and that will lead to a huge renaissance in energy technology with no potential hazardous chemicals involved. Let's lead the country in innovation not follow failed ideologies and obsolete low yield energy, inefficient, green concepts used to redistribute our tax dollars across the world. Subsidized solar and wind energy will never work without fossil fuels, the people pushing no fossil fuels by 2030 are morons and we should not subsidize their stupidity. 

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